pic1Join Australia’s first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, on a light-hearted journey through time to help Rebecca, a very contemporary young student, as she struggles to complete her project on ‘The Role of Maths in the Federation of Australia’. See how…

  • Edmund Barton’s measurement skills kept Federation alive
  • Barton’s clever use of data ensured a ‘Yes’ vote in the Referendums
  • A simple equation helped form our Constitution
  • The use of numbers helped bring an end to intercolonial tariffs
  • Barton’s knowledge of geometry avoided disaster in the Federation Parade
  • And much, much more!

pic2 The cast of this exciting and innovative DVDs includes Talia Krape, who has appeared in Blue Healers, Neighbours, and High Fliers and Brad Felstead who has toured extensively with The History of Maths play. Cinematography is provided by Logie and Australian Film Institute award winner Sarah Barton.

Designed with a close eye to CSF II, and with a strong mix of entertainment and information, Maths and the Federation of Australia is offered in two different versions, one for upper primary, and one for junior secondary, and is sure to be a must see for students throughout Australia.

The cost is $89.95
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