Make maths come alive with The History of Maths. Our long running show has been performed in over 600 schools throughout Australia and has helped tens of thousands of students see maths from a different angle! The History of Maths comprises the following sketches

Maths and Football

Kids love football (well, at least a lot of them do). But how many of them know you couldn’t have a game of football without maths and numbers? Watch as a fictitious ex-footballer explains how the discoveries of ancient mathematicians from Babylon, Greece and Arabia all impact on the way our great game is played today.

Maths and Navigation

Picture yourself as Christopher Columbus. You’re on a Sailing Ship, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The year is 1492. You strike land. You discover America. But where are you? Use mathematics to work out your latitude and longitude to discover the position of this new land and how to get back to Spain to tell everyone about it.


What do Rocky and Bullwinkle have to do with Pythagoras, Right Angle Triangles, and Irrational Numbers? Watch this sketch and find out.

Famous Female Mathematicians

See if you can solve the clues and match up five great women mathematicians with the discoveries or achievements that made them famous.

Maths and Art

‘Let no man who is not a mathematician try and understand my work’ Perhaps not the kind of quote you would expect from a great artist. Let Leonardo da Vinci show you why maths and art are like a ‘brother and sister, because each one is about beauty, harmony and the balance of nature’.

Puzzle Time

Kids love a puzzle / challenge, so they are left with two of the best. First see if you can help three great mathematicians - Newton, Descartes and Pascal – settle a confusing restaurant bill. Then see if you can solve Euler’s 200 hundred year old Bridges of Konigsberg puzzle. Guaranteed to keep students guessing and wanting more maths!

The History of Maths is accompanied by a resource kit containing lesson plans and resources for follow on activities and projects.

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